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Who is illegible for this discount ?

Any body can order during this promotion.

Why do we discount our services?

We know for many organizations, advertising costs can be an expensive proposition. To get an organization’s “brand” known, a website is needed in addition to other marketing media. A website is the least expensive long-term solution to the alternative of some more common media such as newspaper and phone book ads. We established Web Designs by LAO for the purpose of helping new organizations and small businesses get their advertising online with minimum financial strain.

How we apply the discount

We apply this discount in a specific time of a year.

Are we cheap?

No, we are not the cheapest web design company, but we try to be fair. You can find cheaper services as there are many choices to create “free” websites. On the downside, those websites will usually limit your choices such as:

  • Website storage size
  • Limited templates
  • Limited applications
  • Limited access for changing your website
  • and of course, limited colors, images and fonts.

They usually include advertisements on your site but they will let you “upgrade” your account to drop those ads if you pay more after they have started up your account.

The difference is that we do not place any limits on our services and do not add charges for every little thing you need done. The quote we provide for maintenance is a flat fee and remains unchanged throughout the time of your contract. The same thing applies for websites we design or redesign.

We usually do not:

  • Add a “minimum time”.
  • Add a “minimum charge”.
  • Give you hosting that requires upgrades to get basic services (on demand).
  • Limit you to only 2 changes if we build your website.
  • Charge you for work completed that only took 5 minutes.

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